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Julie Kohl

We have had a maintenance contract with SS&L for about 6 months (highly recommend this) because we had an old unit that had some issues. I randomly found SS&L after searching “heat and air” on google maps to find a place that was near. On the day of the first call I made due to an emergency issue, Lynn arrived within an hour to fix the problem. They came out several other times to fix problems and were fast and even arrived a few minutes EARLY for their appointment rather than hours late like other companies I have dealt with. We decided to replace our 2 ton unit that was constantly having issues and they arrived to install it just two days after we placed our order. Again, they were on time and Colby and Lynn and their crew were friendly, funny and hard working. They ran into a few snags with installation issues from our old unit but fixed them and kept on going. I was doing yard work as the crew worked and could hear them laughing with each other and all seemed to really enjoy their job. The men had to enter our attic from the crawl space on our carport at some point and while up there one noticed some boxes that were stacked poorly and causing some boards on the carport ceiling to sag. He rearranged the boxes to fix the problem and then screwed the board back in place! Wow! That’s is WAY above and beyond. When they were finished they cleaned up everything and left my home exactly how it was when they arrived. The new unit is beautiful and runs so well. I would highly recommend SS&L.
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