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Serving Northeast Arkansas
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Air Conditioner Repair in Jonesboro AR | Furnace Repair in Searcy AR & Cabot Arkansas

SS&L Heat & Air is the best choice for air conditioner repair in Jonesboro AR and furnace repair in Searcy AR, Jonesboro AR, and Cabot AR. This heat and air service company offers affordable prices on heating and cooling, as well as experience matched by none other in the northeast Arkansas area.

When you have problems with your heating system or your air conditioner in Cabot Arkansas, you should look to no other than SS&L Heat & Air for the solution to your problems. The heating and air conditioning service in Searcy Arkansas can provide affordable and reliable heating and cooling repair service to your home or business, and they do it fast and they do it friendly!

If you live or work in Jonesboro Arkansas and your furnace or air conditioner is in need of repairs, don’t hesitate to call us. We will be at your Cabot AR home or Searcy AR business in less than 24 hours to provide you the heating repair or air conditioner service you need.

Heating and Cooling Services for Searcy AR, Jonesboro AR and Cabot in Northeast Arkansas

Finding a heating and cooling company that you can trust can be difficult in Searcy Arkanas. In Jonesboro AR and Cabot AR, a lot of air conditioner service companies promise things they cannot deliver. There are many heat and air service companies to choose from in the Jonesboro AR and Cabot AR areas, but few offer the reliability and dependability of SS&L Heat & Air. Our company was founded on the principles of customer first and loyalty, which is why our air conditioner repair and furnace repair services are top notch quality.

We believe that our reputation speaks for itself. Our heating & air conditioning repair in Jonesboro AR is available for residential and commercial customers in Cabot AR and Searcy AR, and all other parts of northeast Arkansas. We will handle your air conditioner repair in Cabot AR in a timely manner, and your furnace repair in Searcy with prompt, courteous care.

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We want our heating &air conditioning repair customers in Cabot AR to be comfortable in their own homes. Our goal is 100% customer satisfaction because we want to be back each and every time they need us! Even if you are in the farthest areas of Searcy Arkansas or Jonesboro Arkansas, we will be there in a flash to ensure you don’t have to spend a moment longer in the heat or cold.

HVAC Services We Offer: Air Conditioner Repair in Cabot AR, Furnace Repair in Searcy AR, Heat Pump Repair in Jonesboro AR

If you’ve got a problem with your heating and air conditioning, then rest assured we can take care of it! We service all models, and cover everything from residential to light commercial furnace repair and air conditioner repair. We service a wide area in Northeast Arkansas, centered in the Searcy area.

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Proud to Offer American Standard Furnaces, Heat Pumps and Air Conditioners in Cabot and Searcy

We specialize in air conditioner repair, furnace repair, and all other heat and air service. We also can handle new home installations and replacements in existing locations in Cabot AR and Searcy AR. We proudly boast of our affiliation with American Standard heating and air conditioning products.

We are an independent American Standard dealer dealer and we highly recommend using American Standard heating and air conditioning products on new installations. American Standard offers many different systems that are ideal for various Jonesboro installation needs.

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Our Heating & Cooling Services in Jonesboro AR, Searcy and Cabot Will Save Your Money

At SS&L Heat & Air in Searcy AR, Jonesboro AR and Cabot AR, we do more than install heating and air conditioning units. We provide quality customer service that builds loyalty and trust over the years. Our heating and air conditioning repair services are the best in northeast Arkansas, and we want the opportunity to prove that to you. If you have a residential or commercial heating and cooling problem, call the absolute best company that services Jonesboro, Searcy and Cabot.

For more information or to set up an appointment, please don’t hesitate to contact us!

Reliable Service At A Fair Price

SS&L Heat & Air offers complete service and repair on residential and light commercial heating, air conditioning and refrigeration.

From designing systems for new homes, complete system replacement or peak efficiency tuning, we are your one source for reliable, hassle-free HVAC service.

We pay attention to the details, which makes our repair service more dependable than the other guys. We have a strong desire to offer a satisfying experience to you, our customer.

As an independent American Standard Customer Care Dealer, our technicians are professionally trained to handle all of today’s most complicated heating or air conditioning equipment. If the problem cannot be repaired, we can install new equipment that will adequately fulfill your needs and fit your budget.

We Know What Our Customers Need

We identify with our customers because our founder, Lynn Solida, was once in search of reliable HVAC service himself. For 15 years, he was in the business of “flipping” houses, and was constantly in search of a heating and cooling company that he could trust.

Eventually, he learned the trade himself, becoming a certified and licensed HVAC repair technician in 2011. He founded SS&L Heat & Air, and for the past 9 years, has been in the business full time.

At SS&L Heat & Air, we believe in good, old fashion, “no-pressure” service. We realize that we must earn your trust by offering dependable, reliable service, and that’s exactly what we do! Call us at (501) 724-4874 or fill out the form to the right to schedule emergency service!